12 Common Hormone Disruptors And How To Avoid Them (You Won’t Believe #9!)

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7. Office Products

One of the most common places where we are exposed to these chemicals is at work. Many office products including toner, ink cartridges, some computer paper, and other types of solvents are often loaded with these chemicals. Handle these products with care and, as much as possible, limit your exposure to them. Wash your hand after handling any of these types of products.


8. Conventionally Grown Produce

There is good reason to buy organic! Conventionally grown produce is sprayed several times during each growing season with herbicides, pesticides, and chemically filled fertilizers that endanger your health, not to mention interrupting your endocrine system. Buy organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible. We do realize that these are more expensive, but you can drastically cut your produce costs by growing many of your own vegetables.


9. Kitchen Products

We aren’t even safe in our own kitchens! Two of the most common hazards are plastic containers and non-stick cookware. First, plastic containers contain BPA and/or other types of hormone disrupting chemicals, especially when heated. PFAS (poly and perfluoroalkyl) compounds are used to make non-stick, water repellant, and stain-resistant surfaces that are toxic the body.

Non-stick (Teflon) cookware releases a dangerous chemical called PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) which has been linked in numerous studies to infertility, reproductive problems, thyroid disease, and developmental problems. Under high heat, non-stick cookware releases enough poisonous chemicals that it can kill small birds. Now imagine what this is doing to you?  Opt for healthier cookware options including cast iron, copper, glass, and ceramic cookware.

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