12 Frequently Asked Questions About Alkaline Foods

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

It seems everyone is jumping on the alkaline food train! Since cancer and other diseases cannot live in an acidic environment, it makes sense to eat more foods and beverages that encourage a slightly more alkaline pH in the body.

This knowledge is fairly new, however, and many people have questions about alkaline foods. We are going to address perhaps the 12 most frequently asked questions so you can feel comfortable knowing how great your alkaline diet is.

Don’t forget friends that balance is the key to everything in life. Eat a wide variety of natural, whole foods and pay special attention to alkaline foods. Coffee is acidic, yes, but drinking a cup or two each morning won’t kill you. Coffee also has its own health benefits.


1. What Exactly Does “Alkaline Forming” Mean?

When we talk about alkaline-forming foods, we are saying that although a certain food might be acidic as it is (such as lemons), but once it is consumed, the body breaks down the food and it becomes alkaline. This is why it is important to become familiar with foods that might be acidic, but are actually alkaline-forming inside the body.

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