12 Frequently Asked Questions About Alkaline Foods

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8. Can Alkaline Foods Help with Diabetes?

Almost all alkaline-forming foods can help keep blood sugar levels under control. This is because most alkaline-forming foods do not give you the sort of glucose spikes that you get from sugar and gluten-filled foods. Most specialized diets for diabetics are filled with alkaline-forming foods, with plenty of vegetables and beans. If you would like to prevent diabetes, eating an alkaline diet would greatly reduce your risk. Ask your doctor if an alkaline diet would be right for you, and never stop taking your medication unless you speak with your doctor first.


9. Can an Alkaline Diet Help with Allergies?

Yes! On the long list of alkaline benefits is relief from most allergies including pollen, dust, and pet dander. Although how this actually works is unclear, many testimonials state that people who have turned to an alkaline diet have fewer allergic reactions. In fact, some people go so far as to say that an alkaline diet is a cure-all for just about everything. Although we wouldn’t want to go that far, there are plenty of health benefits that go along with an alkaline diet.


10. Can an Alkaline Diet Help with Acne?

Some people believe that acne is caused by an acidic environment, but others say that eating an unhealthy diet, including fast food and greasy, fried foods, is the cause of acne. Of course, fried foods are acid-forming, so these do seem to be connected. Therefore, it only makes sense that eating an alkaline diet can help to lessen breakouts. Eating an alkaline diet will give you tons of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and whole foods for truly beautiful skin.


11. Will an Alkaline Diet Prevent Cancer?

You have probably heard that eating a diet high in alkaline-forming foods can help to prevent cancer, or even reverse it if you have cancer. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Cancer itself creates an acidic environment so that it can grow and thrive. By eating more alkaline-forming foods, you make create an environment that is inhospitable to cancer. If you have ever seen the diet hospitals give to cancer patients — although they don’t call it an alkaline diet — it’s is an exact alkaline diet. Although some people say that no matter what you eat, your body is going to maintain a natural pH level, there is one thing that no one can deny: All alkaline foods and beverages are super healthy. When you eat foods that are naturally provided to us from Mother Nature, foods that absorb energy from the sun and minerals from the ground then transfer that energy to you when you consume them, you can only get goodness from that. Eating foods that came from man-made chemicals or processing will only do you harm.


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12. Will Alkaline Foods Help Prevent or Cure Most Diseases?

Although many websites trying to sell you something will say anything to get you to buy their products, there is one thing that you cannot deny — an alkaline diet is a healthy diet. Eating a healthy, natural diet can help to prevent almost all diseases and chronic health conditions. You cannot be susceptible to illness or conditions that require an acidic environment.





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