12 Herbs That Help Stop ADHD

Fresh ginseng root

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4. Ginseng

Ginseng is one of the strangest things; it increases energy while relaxing you at the same time. This makes ginseng a terrific alternative for those with ADHD. Ginseng improves attention span and research shows that it stimulates the dopamine pathways, something that is deficient in those suffering from ADHD. Ginseng has also been shown to normalize an important neurotransmitter that is frequently out of balance, norepinephrine. Subjects who have taken Panax Ginseng as an alternative treatment have shown marked improvements with hyperactivity and lack of attention.


5.  Red Clover Blossom

This is a terrific herb to add to any tea blend. Known to be a blood purifier, it is also a gentle way to relax the nerves. Using red clover blossom would help remove toxins and impurities from the body due to bad eating habits while calming the nerves.



6. Chamomile

As you already know, many persons with ADHD have difficulty sleeping and using chamomile can help with that issue. Chamomile has long been used as a sleep aide as it produces a calming effect in body. Several studies seem to support these beliefs. Research shows that chamomile is an excellent tonic for both feelings of anxiety and insomnia. One study conducted in Italy showed that chamomile works directly on the central nervous system and relaxes the body. The researchers in this study also found that hyperactivity and distraction were greatly reduced by the use of chamomile.  Chamomile is known to induce a deeper sleep and appears to stop nightmares. This is a very mild and safe sedative that, like lemon balm, is safe for even very young children.

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