12 Most Fattening Comfort Foods Of Winter (#9 Has Got to Go!)

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

Winter weather will quickly be upon us. Holiday over-eating seems to get all the attention, but what about the rest of winter? All those warm, comforting foods that make even the coldest days seem bearable can pack on the pounds quicker than you can imagine.

When serious winter weather strikes, it can be super comforting to wrap up in a blanket, turn on Netflix and scarf down a big bowl of hot, homemade mac and cheese, but eating like this every time a cold snap hits is not going to make you very happy come springtime.

There really are good reasons to keep eating healthy during the winter months. Those bright colored fruits and veggies and healthy fats in fish, avocados, and nuts can help your body deal with the coldest weather, fight seasonal depression, and prevent you from needing a larger wardrobe around Easter.

Which are the absolute worst foods for packing on the pounds that you should avoid this winter? Keep reading! We have made a list of 12 foods you should severely limit your consumption of.


1. Super Creamy Pot Pies

Who doesn’t love those creamy pot pies with the crust on the top and bottom? Many people try to make vegetable pies in hopes of making them healthier, but it’s really the filling and the crust that make these so bad for you. A typical chicken pot pie has 780 calories! Let’s not forget the 47 grams of fat, 17 of which are unhealthy saturated fat! They truly are scrumptious, but why not opt for a roast chicken breast, a whole-wheat roll, and perhaps even a side of clear soup such as chicken noodle?

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