12 Of The Best Super Foods To Fight Chronic Pain Fast!

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

For an estimated 116 million Americans, chronic pain is an ongoing problem that interferes with daily life. Defined as being either muscle pain or nerve pain, chronic pain often shows itself in the knees, pelvis, shoulders, or back, but can actually show up anywhere in the body.

One of the main underlying causes of chronic pain is inflammation. What you eat can play a major role in either making symptoms worse or in reducing your pain. When chronic pain continues without abatement, it can often give rise to secondary health problems, especially depression.

Of course, many people simply go to their doctor and try to alleviate their pain through chemical prescription medication, but this should be your last resort. Many pain relievers and synthetic anti-inflammatory drugs come with numerous and terrible side effects.

You should first try adding some of these super foods and herbs to your diet. Several research studies have shown that the compounds in these natural foods can reduce inflammation as well as block the pain signals. Many of them even increase brain chemicals, such as serotonin, which can stop depression and make you feel happier.

Find out the top 12 super foods that you should add to your diet that can help you to deal with chronic pain naturally and with no unwanted side effects; except perhaps, better health!


1. Burdock Root

One of the best ways to stop inflammation and the pain it causes is to consume more herbs and other foods that contain essential fatty acids. For at least 2,000 years, burdock root has been used to treat gout, rheumatism, and arthritis, all of which are fueled by inflammation. Burdock root also contains sterols, essential fatty acids, and tannins, which are all super anti-inflammatory compounds that can help you deal with chronic pain by stopping it at its source. Burdock root is most commonly consumed as a tea and can be found in most health food stores or online.


2. Hot Peppers

The active ingredient in many hot peppers, including cayenne peppers, is called capsaicin. This compound stimulates the production of endorphins in the brain, which is one of Mother Nature’s natural opiates. This alone can help to reduce chronic pain. Capsaicin also blocks pain signals in the body. By inhibiting an enzyme that releases prostaglandins, which are compounds that transmit pain signals. You can try consuming half a teaspoon of powdered hot pepper every day to help reduce your pain levels.  There are also creams and lotions which contain capsaicin that you can use if you have pain in one particular area, such as your hands, that can go a long way towards reducing your pain.


3. Yogurt

You might be wondering how something like delicious yogurt can help to reduce your pain but studies show that regular consumption of dairy products can help to reduce symptoms of chronic pain. This is because dairy products, like yogurt, contain both calcium and vitamin D. These two bone building substances reduce chronic pain by building bones and muscles, keeping them strong and less prone to damage. Vitamin D alone has been shown to lower pain levels. Always choose yogurt that has live active cultures, sometimes called probiotics. The best yogurt is the one you make at home, of course.

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