12 Organic Teas That Will Kick Insomnia To The Curb

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

5. Lavender

Although valerian and chamomile get most of the attention when it comes to sleepy time tea, you will often find lavender added to these teas. Lavender is known to have anti-stress and mild relaxing compounds that work well when used in combination with other herbal teas.


6. Catnip

Catnip certainly excites cats and makes them do funny things, but for humans, this herb has the opposite effect. Catnip (nepeta cataria) also has anti-anxiety compounds that soothes and eases both mind and body. Often, this is all it takes to fall deeply asleep. Catnip also has a surprisingly sweet taste and it mixes well with other herbal teas if you wish to make your own blend.


7. Lemon Balm

With its mildly sweet lemon scent and flavor, lemon balm is so mild that you can even give it to young children. It might be too mild for those who cannot stay asleep, so mix lemon balm with another herbal tea such as chamomile, lavender, or catnip.


8. Hops

Ladies, if you suffer from insomnia, hops herbal tea might be just the ticket! Hops have been used for centuries to help with feelings of stress, anxiety, and worries that keep you awake at night. Hops (humulus lupulus) seem to be made for women as it is soothing, nurturing, gentle, and goes well with just about any other herb you might want to add to it, such as lemon balm. Gentlemen, you should avoid this one as the hops contain estrogen and it can cause man-boobs.

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