12 Outstanding Winter Foods That Won’t Fatten You Up Like A Christmas Turkey

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

2. Turkey

Turkey really is an excellent winter meal. It’s a lean meat that is packed with protein while being low in calories. Bake an extra turkey at Thanksgiving and slice it up into family sized portions. Freeze the meat for later use in sandwiches, casseroles, or even as a main meal after the holidays are done. Break up the carcass and store it in the freezer for a homemade soup base that can’t be beat.


3. Cranberries

These super healthy fruits are available fresh during the fall and winter months. Low in calories, high in vitamin C and fiber, they can be made into your own healthy juice, put in salads, muffins, or frozen so that you can have some of these tart little favorites anytime you like, no matter how cold it might be outside.


4. Sweet Potatoes

Forget those boring white potatoes, sweet potatoes not only have a great deal more flavor, but they are vastly superior when it comes to nutrition. Sweet potatoes have potassium, manganese, fiber, protein, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and vitamin A. You can use them as side dishes, desserts, or a really nice change of pace from plain old mashed potatoes. Try baking sliced sweet potatoes in a drizzle of olive oil for some super tasty French fries that even your kids will love!


5. Apples and Pears

Although you might think that these are just for the early fall, apples and pears are a terrific source of fiber, are high in vitamin C, and make terrific desserts all winter long. Cut them open and bake them with some cinnamon and nutmeg for a healthy dessert you won’t be able to resist.

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