12 Reasons You Should Start Your Day With The Sun Salutation

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

1.  There Is No Better Way To Wake Up

Even if time is short, practicing at least three reps of the sun salutation each morning is an absolutely wonderful way to wake up your body, stretch out your muscles, and say good day to the world. If you are new to yoga, please be gentle with yourself.  Try to focus on doing the poses correctly, rather than focusing on speed. Many people find that doing the sun salutation gives them feelings of empowerment and gives them a more positive outlook on their day.


2.  Terrific For The Muscles And Joints

The sun salutation is also super for the joints and muscles. These poses will work the legs, neck, and shoulder muscles, which can help  improve posture, balance, and strengthen these muscles over time. Doing the sun salutation regularly will improve flexibility in the spine, neck, and leg muscles, which will help you maintain your height as you age.


3.  Helps With Detoxification Of The Body

As you do the sun salutation poses, you should breathe deeply. This means extending the lungs and filling your body with oxygen-enriched blood. This helps the body do its natural detoxifying process. A thoroughly detoxed body remains healthy and free of many of the most annoying symptoms that come from too many toxins such as headaches and fatigue.


4. Improves Digestion

The sequences of poses in the sun salutation is good for the digestive system, increasing blood flow to the entire digestive tract and stimulating the natural action of the intestines so they process food and eliminate waste properly.  Doing the sun salutation regularly will get rid of constipation and dyspepsia.

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