How To Be Full Of Winter Spirit: 25 Fun Yet Healthy Things To Do

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Christmas time brings cheer and festivities all round, as well as some well-deserved free time to spend with friends and family….and to take part in some fun seasonal activities! Work your way through this bucket list of 25 Christmassy things to do that are both fun and good for you, what’s not to love?!


1. Go sledging or ice skating

Both of these activities not only make use of the snowy Christmas weather, but also get your blood flowing, keeps you in great shape and get you laughing with friends and family!


2. Take five by the fire with homemade cocoa

Forget the store-bought stuff that’s full of sugar and other nasties. Buy some proper cacao and sweeten it up with honey or agave nectar with a topping of your choice for a healthy, enjoyable festive treat.


3. Get dancing to your favourite holiday tunes!

Get yourself off the couch and make a playlist of your favourite holiday hits. Then, find an empty space, and go wild, dance until you can dance no more, and sweat out all that excess food and drink!


4. Go to a tree-lighting ceremony

Get some fresh air at a local tree-lighting ceremony – there’s no better way to start the holidays and truly get yourself in the festive spirit.


5. Catch up on some zzz’s

Take advantage of the holiday period and catch up on some serious sleep (to prepare you for the parties ahead) because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good, long sleep, let alone all the health benefits it brings!

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