12 Super Foods that Fight a Summer Cold Like Crazy (You’ll Love #8!)

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

4. Garlic

This strong tasting and smelling herb has long been used for its antibacterial and antiviral compounds. Garlic also contains alllicin, a sulfuric compound that is responsible for many of its medicinal benefits and what gives garlic its powerful disease fighting antioxidants. Garlic is one of the best immune improving foods you can eat to naturally help your body fight off viral infections, and avoid them to begin with. One study, published in 2001 in the journal Advances in Therapy, discovered that those who took garlic supplements every day got fewer colds than those who didn’t take garlic.

You can add garlic to your foods, salads, vegetable dishes, add a few drops of garlic oil in your foods, or simply eat a few raw cloves each day to help your body naturally fight off a summer cold. Or, try a little garlic “tea.” Boil a few chopped cloves of garlic in a cup of water for 5 minutes. Allow to cool a bit and add a teaspoon of honey. Drink two or three cups of this tea each day until your cold symptoms disappear. This drink will really clear out your sinuses! Read more how to avoid mistakes using garlic medicinally.


5. Red Bell Peppers

Red bell peppers have so much going for them, it’s hard to know where to start. These veggies are simply packed full of nutrients, disease fighting antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds that can help build up your immune system. Something most people don’t realize is that they are also loaded with vitamin C, which is vital to a strong immune system, which can naturally help to protect you from a summer cold.

Red bell peppers are sweeter than the green peppers and a very versatile. Try them roasted, grilled, steamed, added to any soup or vegetable dish, or simply cut them up and eat them raw in a salad. Just one cup of red bell pepper will give you all the vitamin C you need for the day.


6.  Oranges

Speaking of vitamin C, oranges are, as are all citrus fruits, loaded with this vital immune boosting vitamin. You might not realize it, but vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that keeps your immune system strong and working properly. Drink one or two glasses of orange juice, grapefruit juice, or eat a few pieces of the fresh, organic citrus fruit of your choice to be certain your immune system gets plenty of vitamins C.

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