12 Tips to Pump Up Your Metabolism

Organic Market Fruits And Vegetables

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Do you feel like you inherited your dad’s lazy metabolism? Does it seem like you just smell potato chips and you gain weight? Did you know you can kick your metabolism into high gear? You can! For example, just doing strength training with light weights twice a week and you can reverse 50 percent of the those slow metabolism blues that seem to come with aging.

So let’s kick that metabolism into high gear! Take a look at our top 12 tips for turning your body into a fat burning oven!


1. Go Organic

If you skip buying organic because of the costs, this may change your mind. Organic vegetables, fruits, and grains keep your metabolism going at top speed because there are no pesticide residues that mess with your thyroid.

Think of your thyroid as your body’s thermostat. Pesticides mess with the settings and lower it’s ability to burn calories. So go organic and keep the burn going!

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