14 Super Sources of Clean Protein

Organic Quinoa.

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Protein, it’s everywhere, right? Sure it is, but when you consider that most protein has been contaminated by antibiotics, pesticides, and heavy metals, it really makes you stop and wonder; what kind of protein am I giving to my body?

Fast food is an absolute no-no, and unless you know for sure that your meat is organic, non-factory farm raised, grass fed, free range meat, you are better off choosing other sources of protein.

Here is our list of the top 14 sources of truly clean protein. Eat up!


1. Quinoa

This is the only grain that is a source of complete protein as well as amino acids. It cooks similar to the way you cook rice and tastes great as well.

If you can’t find quinoa, try buckwheat. Buckwheat is another grain that can be used for protein.

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