12 Warning Signs of Cervical Cancer Every Woman Should Know

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Keep reading for the top 12 most common symptoms of cervical cancer.


1. Pelvic Pain

Many women become accustomed to various types of pelvic pain, including cramps and aches during menstruation, which is why many women ignore this particular symptom. However, you should be aware when pain in the pelvis occurs during other times, if it happens more frequently or becomes more severe than what is normal for you. Don’t let a doctor tell you that “it’s normal” or that “it’s all in your head” without a full examination. If you feel this pain is abnormal, it probably is. If your doctor refuses to examine you or listen to your complaints of pain, find another doctor.


2. Uncomfortable Sex

If you begin to have pain during intercourse (the technical term is dyspareunia) this is sometimes a sign of cervical cancer. There are other causes for painful sex, but you should have your doctor rule out cervical cancer before they look at other possible causes.


3. Back Pain

This is another symptom many women ignore because it often accompanies the onset of the menstrual cycle and although back pain can happen for a wide variety of reasons (carrying around a toddler, for example) if you experience back pain that you can’t explain, or it accompanies other symptoms on this list, or if you are in a high risk group, then see your doctor.


4. Weight Loss and Fatigue

These symptoms can be due to many other reasons, but again, in combination with other symptoms, or if your doctor has looked at other reasons and can’t find a reason for unexplained weight loss and extreme fatigue, be certain that you are checked for cervical cancer.

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