12 Warning Signs of Cervical Cancer Every Woman Should Know

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9. Irregular or Unusual Menstrual Cycles

Women should have some level of consistency when it comes to their menstrual cycle. If the length of your period, frequency, or intensity of your period changes, it might be a sign of the earliest stages of cervical cancer. If these inconsistencies continue for several months, contact your doctor.


10. Irregular Urination

If you aren’t experiencing pain but the appearance of your urine or your urination habits  change (you suddenly have difficult urinating or you begin experiencing incontinence), you should consult a doctor. Although some changes are due to other causes (urinary tract infections can cause discolored, bloody urine) they are also another sign of cervical cancer.


11. Unusual Vaginal Discharge

Most women experience some small amount of vaginal discharge, but if your discharge changes dramatically; smells foul or looks bloody or green, suddenly increases quite a bit, this could also be one of the earliest signs of cervical cancer and should be checked out by your doctor.


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12. No Symptoms

This is the worst symptoms of all because for many women, in the early stages, they experience no symptoms whatsoever. If you are at a greater risk for this type of cancer, you would be wise to get regular checkups and take steps towards reducing your risk as much as possible. Even if you have no symptoms, getting a pap smear every few years according to your age is a good decision that might save your life.

If you are an adult female and you notice any type of changes in your reproductive cycle or urination habits, or if you feel unusual pain, see your doctor to be sure that you can rule out this silent killer.




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