12 Ways You Can Stay Healthy Over Christmas

So Many Things To Do List

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4. Make plenty of lists

Yes, you have tons of things to do. So does everyone. The best way to get through this is to keep an ongoing list. When you are already short on time, why add to it by having to run back to the store for one little thing that you forgot? Besides, the best part of making a list is the sense of accomplishment you get as you strike through each item and watch your to-do list begin to disappear.


5. Start your day off right

Begin each morning with a healthy breakfast and you will be setting yourself up for success. You wouldn’t jump into your car and expect to get far without putting any gas in it. Just keep in mind the feeling you have when you know you have a full tank of gas and your car is in good working order. You are more able to face the tasks at hand with ease knowing you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.


6. Keep a stash of emergency healthy snack foods on hand

Having a small cooler in your car or at your office means you can always have a healthy snack right at your fingertips. Keeping your blood sugar levels on an even keel will keep you cool, calm, and collected. Foods like almonds, walnuts, raisins, and granola bars don’t even need to be refrigerated. Cheese, yogurt, and power drinks can help refresh you within minutes and can last all day in an insulated bag or cooler.


7. Make time to exercise

You probably think you don’t have any time to exercise but this is the time you need it the most. Making time to follow your regular routine would be ideal. If that doesn’t seem to be a possibility, try taking a 15-minute walk at lunch time. Create a quick list of 5 stretching exercises you can do at your desk that will keep you limber. As a last resort, throw yourself a quick dance party when you get home – turn on some music and dance as if no one is watching for 5 – 10 minutes.

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