14 Early Warnings Signs Of Diabetes


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5. Frequent Infections

This is another classic sign of diabetes. Sugar feeds infections, and even a minor cut can become badly infected.


6. Bruises That Heal Slowly

This one usually goes hand-in-hand with infection. High levels of blood sugar damage the arteries and veins in the body, which leads to poor circulation. This means blood cannot flow easily to help heal bruises and cuts. If you have very slow healing of bruises or minor cuts, or if you get frequent infections from minor cuts or other injuries, see your doctor.


7. Sexual Dysfunction

Diabetes can damage the blood vessels and nerves in the sex organs as well as the hands and feet. This can lead to sexual dysfunction in both sexes. Women might experience vaginal dryness or an itchy feeling around the vagina. Men will have difficulty achieving erection. Approximately 75 percent of men with diabetes suffer from impotence.


8. Dry Mouth

Although there are other causes for dry mouth, it is a common warning sign of diabetes. Dry mouth is not only irritating, it also becomes a breeding ground for the type of bacteria that causes cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. Gum disease is a common side effect from diabetes because of dry mouth.

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