14 Household Items That Can Cause Cancer

Collection of hygiene cleaners for housework

14. Whiteners

Almost every type of laundry whitener, toilet cleaner, mold remover, and scouring powder has chlorine bleach in its formular. Many municipalities even add chlorine to drinking water to kill bacteria. Although this sounds like a good way to kill bacteria, the effects can be acute. You are exposed to the fume, when you scrub, and later on when you shower or wash your hands. Chlorine affects the skin, gets absorbed into the blood, irritates the respiratory system, and is a major cause of thyroid dysfunction.

You don’t need chlorine bleach to whiten or kill bacteria. Plain vinegar will help whiten clothes in the wash, remove static cling, and clean and disinfect toilets. Baking soda will work as well as any cleanser. You can reduce your exposure to chlorine in your homes water by installing a whole house filter.

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