15 Natural Ways to Eliminate Gas Pains in Toddlers and Children

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10. Ginger Tea

Perhaps nothing calms an upset tummy and digestive system like ginger. Ginger has two powerful compounds, gingerols and shagols, which relax the intestines and ease inflammation and pain. Ginger root both prevents the formation of gas and helps to expel gas that is present. Make a mild ginger tea mixed with honey and, once it has cooled down to where it is merely warm, give it to your child to drink once or twice a day. Breastfeeding mothers can also drink ginger tea.


11.  Water and Other Liquids

The digestive system works better when the body receives sufficient amounts of fluids. Having your child drink more fluids will help prevent constipation as well as expel gas from the body. Make certain that your child is drinking enough water during the day. If your child isn’t fond of water, you can offer flavored waters, fresh fruit juice mixed with water, clear soups, or milk. Avoid fizzy drinks, especially sodas, which will only make the problem worse.


12. Chamomile

Chamomile tea is a great way to remove gas as well as stop stomach complains as it contains compounds that reduces intestinal gas. It also relaxes the intestines, which prevents the formation of trapped gas. Make a cup of chamomile tea with a bit of honey and give your toddler a teaspoon or two several times each day. If you are breastfeeding, you can drink two or three cups of this relaxing tea each day.

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