10 Ways To Avoid Mosquito Bites This Summer

Mosquito repellent. Woman spraying insect repellent on skin

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7. Use a fan

You may not know, it but mosquitoes have a hard time flying when any breeze develops to at least a wind over 1 MPH. First make sure you find a spot that has a good breeze. If you don’t have a breeze in your area, try adding a small fan. Direct the fan to the lower part of your body because mosquitoes will stay away and closer to the ground to avoid the breeze of the fan.


8. Tightly-woven clothing

Your best bet during the summer months includes clothing that consists of a close-knit weave. Stay away from loose knits such as linen or cotton when you plan on being outdoors during the summer. Lean more towards athletic wear that is tightly-knit so that the mosquitoes have a harder time getting through your clothes to bite your skin.


9. Don’t scratch

This is a difficult task to carry out, but once you have received a mosquito bite do your best not to scratch it. It does feel good when you scratch a mosquito bite, but it does contribute to the inflammation. One of the things you can try to kill that itchy feeling is to put ice on your bite. If that doesn’t work, try a topical lotion such as Calamine lotion that is often used for chicken pox or poison ivy.


10. Use DEET

DEET is an insect repellant that is primarily known as diethyltoluamide. It is one of the strongest and most proven repellant that is effective in treating mosquitoes. In order to protect yourself from the pesky bugs, you should use a repellant that has around 20 percent DEET. This will protect you for at least five hours.


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Other things you need to do to escape active mosquitoes

  • If you have any area on your property that consists of standing water, get rid of it. This situation attracts mosquitoes, and it will be twice as hard to get rid of it once it gets over run by bugs and insects.
  • Always try to wear enough clothing to be completely covered so mosquitoes will have a harder time getting through to your skin.
  • Make sure to keep small children indoors and away from mosquito-infested areas.
  • Apply an effective insect repellant to you and your children when you have to be outdoors. Reapply after a few hours to make sure it doesn’t wear off, leaving you vulnerable.
  • Have something on hand in case you or small children do get bitten. Calamine lotion is practical and convenient and can be applied to children.






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