17 Common Foods That Help Unclog Your Arteries and Prevent Heart Attacks

Slices of juicy watermelon

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5. Watermelon

This super delicious summer fruit is more than just a 4th of July favorite, it’s terrific for your heart! Watermelon contains an important amino acid, L-citrulline, which decreases inflammation and lowers blood pressure. In much the same way as pomegranates work, watermelon also stimulates the production of nitric oxide. Don’t wait for the summer months to eat this super heart healthy fruit.


6. Turmeric

It’s the active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, which works the magic here. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Inflammation can cause damage to the walls of your arteries, which can lead to blood clots and plaque build- up. Studies have shown that turmeric can reduce the build-up of fatty deposits by as much as 26 percent.


7. Asparagus

One of the best veggies ever for clearing out your arteries! Asparagus might make your pee smell funny, but its long list of vitamins, including K, E, C, B1 and B2 can help lower blood pressure and prevent blood clots.


8. Cinnamon

It just takes a little bit of this popular spice to really lower your risk of heart disease. Studies show that one tablespoon of cinnamon each day clears out plaque and prevents it from forming. It also reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. Cinnamon is loaded with those important antioxidants which prevent the oxidation in your blood. Try adding some cinnamon to your morning coffee or in a cup of tea, on top of your oatmeal or in a smoothie. No matter how you consume it, you can’t go wrong with adding cinnamon to your diet.

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