18 Really Clever Ways You Can Use Vinegar Around Your Home! (#14 Is Our Fave!)

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Do you know what is in the cleaning products you use to clean your home? Most of us don’t. Some of us are not even aware that some of these products can become toxic when they are combined, either on purpose or accidentally. And it seems the stronger and more effective they are, the more powerful the ingredients are. Stubborn stains don’t just come clean on their own.

The good news is that one of the most effective cleaners that you can use around your home is right in your cupboard — vinegar! This versatile product can be used just as easily in your salad as it can be to remove water stains from around your kitchen faucet.

Not only does it act as a cleaner, it can help to resolve some common household problems, such as a clogged drain. It costs pennies per use, is a natural and completely non-toxic product, and it can tackle so many problem areas around your house. When you see what it can do, you may replace all of your cleaning products with a single bottle of vinegar!


1. Glass

You can save a lot of money when you switch out glass cleaner for water and vinegar. Combine equal parts white vinegar and water, and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. You can include a few drops of blue food coloring so you know it is your glass cleaner. (For a completely streak-free experience, save your paper towels, and wipe dry with a few sheets of newspaper.)


2. The mouse for your computer

You can clean every part of your mouse with full strength vinegar on a clean cloth. If your mouse uses a ball, you can remove it by twisting the cover on the back.


3. Eliminate the smell of smoke

It doesn’t matter if it is cigarette smoke or the aroma of a new recipe gone bad that you are trying to mask, a small dish filled three-quarters of the way with straight cider or white vinegar will do the trick. If the odor is very strong, you may need to position a few bowls around the room.

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