20 Mind Blowing Uses For Two Things You Throw Away All The Time!

egg yolk

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6. Drain Cleaner

Although you normally would never want to put food anyplace except for the garbage disposal, you can use eggshells to clean out a slow running drain. Crush up your eggshells into some small pieces and wash them down the sink with plenty of water. Eggshells will not only capture large particles of gunk and remove them, they also scape old soap and grease from the sides of the drain. Don’t use pieces that are too big, as they might get caught as well, but a handful of small pieces will work wonders.

7. Natural Laundry Whitener

If you are out of bleach or vinegar, you can still get that load of whites super white without making a trip to the store. Put some broken up eggshells in a cheesecloth bag along with a sliced up lemon. Tie the bag tight and add it to your clothes. This will keep your whites from becoming dingy grey or yellowish.

8. Face Mask

You don’t need an expensive spa treatment for a super face treatment; all you need are a few eggshells. Mix up some finely ground eggshells with one egg white for a super face tightening mask. You can also add a bit of honey or turmeric if you want to add some extra oomph to your mask.

9.  Itchy Skin Relief

Grind up some eggshells and place them in a cup of apple cider vinegar.  Stir well, and then apply this mixture to those itchy spots on your skin for almost instant relief. Works great for bug bites too!

10.  Free Calcium Supplement

If you want to quit paying for those high priced calcium supplements but you need added calcium in your diet, simply use eggshells! The only problem with eggshells is that you won’t know exactly how many milligrams you are consuming, but you will add thousands of milligrams to your daily intake. Simply rinse off the shells, and then boil them in a pot of water for a few minutes. Drain the water, then spread the shells out on a cookie sheet and place in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes. Now pulverize the eggs in a coffee grinder until they are a fine powder. You can add a teaspoon or so to your morning smoothie or some water for a real calcium boost. All you need is one teaspoon each day for all the healthy calcium your body will need (and be able to use) for the day.

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