3 Critical Mistakes That Can Prevent You From Losing Weight

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Mistake #3: Not Thinking About the Timing and Frequency of Meals

Most people eat three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is very ingrained in our culture, and it has been that way for many centuries. But science is showing that for people who are trying to lose weight, eating more meals might actually be beneficial. Confused? Read on.

It has to do with the blood sugar levels we mentioned in point #2. Many athletes actually recommend eating 5 or 6 smaller meals each day as opposed to 3 bigger ones. When you do this, your body begins to think that there is an abundance of food in your environment (since it is receiving new food all the time) and it does not store caloric energy as body fat. Doing this also helps maintain relatively stable blood sugar levels, which prevents you from feeling the urge to overeat.

Follow these tips in conjunction with your diet and exercise, and don’t be surprised if you start seeing quicker and more lasting results on your journey towards a healthier weight.







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