3 Most Simple Ways How To Prevent And Reverse Cavities Naturally

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

2. Try using remineralizing toothpaste

Brushing your teeth is a no brainer, everyone knows they should do it. Remineralizing toothpaste offers a number of special advantages over traditional varieties. They work by replenishing the enamel with key minerals that help repair it and prevent further damage. This is very important because past a certain point of decay, damage to the enamel can be irreversible.


3. Eat a Clean Diet

This was touched upon above, but eating a healthy and clean diet will go a long way toward keeping your teeth and gums healthy. In addition to avoiding excess sugars, excessive amounts of carbohydrates can exacerbate tooth decay, gum disease, and growth of bacteria. Eat lots of high quality fats and protein, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly cruciferous vegetables like spinach or kale. Foods rich in calcium, phosphorous and magnesium also contribute to strong teeth and a healthy mouth.


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Follow these simple steps and you will be way ahead of most people when it comes to protecting the health of your gums and teeth. Everyone is blessed with a healthy smile. Don’t throw it away with poor dietary and health decisions.




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