30 Healthy Benefits of Using Nettle

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It was once said that a Tibetan monk, Milarepa, lived for decades on nothing else but a diet of nettles. While we don’t know for a fact that this is true, what is true is that this health improving herb shouldn’t be dug up and thrown out or drown in weed killer! We should be carefully plucking this super beneficial plant from the ground, drying it, and making herbal remedies that would probably bankrupt most pharmacies. This one sticky herb is great for almost anything that ails you, and if nothing ails you, it’s good for you anyway! If you only had room in your house for one herb, this would be the one to keep. Stinging nettle can treat arthritis, stop bleeding, cure bladder infections, help with allergies, stop hair loss, and cure skin issues, just to name a few.

Nettles grow wild all across Europe and the US. They are used for food in some places and for medicinal purposes everywhere. Nettle is a natural tonic that can remove waste and toxins from the body while being gentle on your system. Every part of the nettle plant can be used. You will find it available in all types of forms from ointments to teas, tinctures to the dried leaf itself.

Check out the 30 top best uses of nettle and never think of this as a weed ever again!


1. Perfect treatment for allergies

The leaves from this plant have been used as a homeopathic and herbal remedy for the relief of allergies such as hives, hay fever, asthma, and other types of seasonal allergies.


2. Stops hair loss

Rinsing the hair with nettle tea has a stimulating effect on the scalp. It can both restore natural hair color and regenerate hair growth. It also works great on dandruff. Find out more natural solutions to grow thicker hair.


3. Soothes the skin

If you are looking to relieve the symptoms of eczema, or want to remove warts and acne, apply some nettle tea topically to the skin. Strange as it might seem, nettle tea will also stop the itching and irritation from nettle plants. read more how to treat eczema.


4. Stops urinary infections

Drinking nettle tea can stop urinary and bladder infections for both men and women. Nettle tea is a natural diuretic, which means that it increases urination. It can also help reduce and enlarged prostate, and break down kidney stones.

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