40 Incredible and Common Foods That Will Starve Cancer to Death

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Understanding Angiogenesis

Angiogenesis is a Latin term which means the creation of new blood vessels. Angio- which means blood vessels and genesis, which means creation. Blood vessels in the body adapt to whatever environment the body is exposed to. Your body has an amazing ability to regulate how many blood vessels there will be and how big they will be allowed to grow. When new tissue is made, for example, larger muscles, the body will make new blood vessels to give this new tissue a means of nutrients and oxygen so that it can continue to grow or to continue its life.

Research shows that there are actually quite a few diseases that are never actually able to grow due to a lack of angiogenesis. A healthy body can prune blood vessels that are not needed. An overabundance of blood vessels allows problems such as endometriosis, obesity, and cancer to form. However, too few blood vessels means that wounds do not heal properly and heart disease can develop; hair loss and erectile dysfunction are also common symptoms of too few blood vessels.

This is a delicate balance that a healthy body can easily maintain. However, with the wrong diet, lack of exercise, or overexposure to chemicals that upset the natural balance in the body, diseases such as cancer can take hold and the body gives the growing tumor its own blood supply. This enables the cancer to “eat” and grow and move about the body.

Cancer cells are fed through blood vessels, so if the blood supply can be cut off, the cancer will naturally die off, much the same way that cutting off the blood to a finger will cause that finger to die.

This isn’t merely some mumbo jumbo that someone thought would enable them to sell something; this is a stone cold fact. In fact, due to much of the research that has been performed in this area by the Angiogenesis Foundation, there is now an entire group of cancer treatments that are aimed at stopping the growth of blood vessels. Numerous drugs have been approved and are now used in the treatment of kidney, colon, lung, brain, breast, and thyroid cancer.

However, not all cancers respond well to these anti-angiogenesis drugs. Further research has shown that there are actually many foods that will work much like these drugs do when it comes to stopping the growth of new blood vessels to feed cancerous tumors.

Some foods appear to have a type of synergistic impact on cancer, working together to starve these cancer cells. Some are stronger than others, but all have some type of anti-angiogenesis affect.

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