5 Most Beneficial Health Benefits Of Zucchini

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3. Protects the heart and cardiovascular system

The following nutrients, all richly present in zucchini, have been scientifically proven to be effective in maintaining heart health:

    • Magnesium and potassium reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes and also help keep blood pressure on an even keel.
    • Vitamin C and vitamin A help keep inflammation out of the arteries, ensuring a good flow of blood to and from the heart.
    • Folate, also known as vitamin B9, is needed by the body to eliminate homocysteine, an unsafe amino acid produced by the body, especially after eating rich, red meat. Homocysteine is also in the blood, and if levels get too high, your risk of heart disease increases.
    • The fiber content in zucchini helps lower high cholesterol and keep arteries from narrowing and hardening.


4. Colon health

The colon is a stealthy breeding ground for all kinds of intestinal problems and diseases, not the least of which being colon cancer itself. Irregular bowel movements, and undigested, fermented food dispensing toxins into the intestines are the main culprits for colonic cancer. Studies have shown over and over that clearing away the cancer-causing toxins from the colon by means of fiber-rich foods is the best way to prevent the development of colon cancer. Zucchini, high in natural fiber, is highly recommended to help with.


5. Joint pains

The anti-inflammatory properties in zucchini help to naturally reduce the pain in swollen arthritic joints and aching muscles. The humble zucchini has enormous potential to prevent illness, and keep you disease-free in many natural ways.


Boost the nutritional value of your diet

We all know that eating sufficient fruits and vegetables is important to keep your body healthy, hydrated, and toxin-free. You may already be following a healthy plan, but by adding zucchini to your daily meals, you can boost the nutrient value of your diet to new heights.

In addition to the major health benefits of zucchini mentioned, it also helps to promote eye health, prevent illnesses that are caused by a deficiency of vitamin C, helps to cure asthma, keeps infections at bay, and prevents easy bruising.

Eating a healthy diet that includes zucchini can certainly obviate the need for expensive supplements to keep your system up and running at optimum level.

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