5 Common Habits Secretly Causing Your Knee Pain

Knee Injury

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3. Joint and Muscle Over Exertion

Although physical activity is good for the knees, too much of anything is not good. Continuing to do the knee straining activities day after day, without rest, give your knees some serious stress with no opportunity for them to heal. Simply adding some variety to your workout routine and allowing your body at least one day of rest per week can help your knees tremendously.

If you should feel pain in your knees or if they ache or become stiff after a particularly difficult workout or from some other activity, do not feel guilty by taking a day or two off and allowing them time to repair themselves.


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4.  Bad Shoes

Ladies, those Jimmy Choo’s look so cool on the dance floor, but they pull your body out of balance and they will give you some serious knee pain over time! The right shoes are just as important as anything else when it comes to taking care of your knees. Although they might not be as stylish, look for a shoe that fits comfortably and will distribute your weight evenly, which will reduce the stress on your knees.

Don’t misunderstand us: we are not suggesting that you ditch those cool Saturday Night Fever heels, but save them for just that – special occasions – and don’t wear them every day. Several studies have shown that wearing high heeled shoes on a regular basis is one of the biggest risk factors for foot and knee injuries in women.

Runners, you aren’t exempt here. Always choose your running shoes carefully. You should choose the correct design for your foot shape, size, and running habits. Also, never run a marathon in high heels, no matter how cool they look.

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