5 Garden Herbs to Fight Cancer

There are as many reasons for planting gardens as there are people who plant them. Perhaps one of the most popular reasons is wanting fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, and herb to use for your own dinner table. Most people never think past planting a garden for their own personal taste bud experience.

But many of the commonly grown herbs that are added to your favorite food dishes not only improve the taste, but they can be used to fight cancer as well. As cancer rates in this country continue to rise, many people are looking for ways to improve their health as well as increase their ability to prevent cancer from starting in the first place.

Plants are being focused on more and more by researchers looking for new compounds to fight chronic disease and cancer. In fact, about ¾ of the pharmaceutical compounds that are being used today originally came from plants that were used in traditional medicine.

Most pharmaceutical drugs that are derived from plants are usually using just one active component of the plant that is then isolated and replicated synthetically. Most traditional remedies use the entire plant in their natural state. A far cry from the lab produced cancer treatments that can cause more harm than good.

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In fact, herbal remedies can be very powerful and they are typically safer than most synthetic medications.

Take a look at the top 5 cancer fighting herbs you are probably growing in your garden right now. Or, if you’re not, you should be!


  1. Thyme

Used for centuries medicinally, there are now more than 350 different species of thyme grown all over the world. Thyme contains terpenes in the form of thymol, which gives it its strong anti-cancer properties. Thyme is also an excellent antioxidant, antiseptic, and antibacterial. Thyme is great for reducing swelling in the mouth and throat because it’s a natural anti-inflammatory.


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2. Parsley

It’s so much more than just a pretty little herb to garnish your plate! Parsley contains an oil called apigenin. The oil from parsley has been discovered to stop cancers from making new blood vessels that will eventually carry nutrients to the tumors.


3. Mint

Here’s a great reason to enjoy more mint tea! Mint deprives cancerous tumors of the blood supply they need in order to grow. Like parsley, mint leaves contain a phytochemical that cuts off the blood supply to cancerous tumors so they die without nutrients. Find out also powerful benefits of peppermint.


4. Dill

Here is a great cancer fighter. Dill has compounds called monoterpenes. This compound stimulates enzymes called glutathione S transferase, which is a powerful antioxidant that is very effective at targeting all types of carcinogens, especially those free radicals. Dill also has essential oils which are well known for stimulating the juices in the digestive tract and activating the bile production in the body, which will keep your intestines in a healthy state.


5. Rosemary

The very aromatic, woodsy scented herb that contains a naturally occurring substance that stops cancerous cells inside tumors from duplicating themselves. Like thyme, rosemary has terpenes that have fatty acids that kill off cancer cells over time. Research done on cancer shows that rosemary is often used along with some drugs to make cancer cells more receptive to chemotherapy. Read more about the effect of rosemary on cancer.

To make the best of your health, you only need to add a few of the above herbs. It doesn’t get much easier than enjoying a tasty meal while giving your body the tools it need to fight off cancer cells. Perhaps one of the best things about herbs is that you can use at least one in every meal and reap the maximum benefits they have to offer.