5 Super Easy to Grow Veggies for Your Own Organic Produce

Cherry tomatoes on the vine,garlic and basil

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Put your gardening gloves on and get ready to get down in the dirt! You are about to embark on a growing adventure! Everyone knows the benefits of organic produce, but everyone is also aware of the costs. You can have the best of both worlds, however. Grow your own veggies! It’s easier than you think.

A tomato seedling costs about 2 dollars but that single plant will produce 10 to 15 pounds of tomatoes in a single season. What is the cost of tomatoes in your area right now? 3 dollars a pound? 4? Point made.

Consider how much space you have as well as how much time you can spend gardening. Even apartment dwellers usually have a small balcony or a sunny porch for a few pots. Vegetables aren’t much work, but they do need lots of sunlight, some good soil, and lots of water. After that, Mother Nature does most of the work herself. But how great would it be to walk out to your yard and pick your own super fresh, organic vegetables for dinner?

Here is a list of the top 5, easiest ever to grow veggies to get your started.


1. Tomatoes

The perennial favorite of all time, it’s even called America’s favorite garden vegetable by many. Tomatoes are easy to grow, but they do need a little bit of attention for best results. Although you can grow from seeds, this takes considerably more time. Most people find it easier to pick up a few seedlings from the nursery.

If you live in the Northern part of the country, be sure your tomatoes get at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. If you live in the South, a bit of shade in the afternoons will help keep the plant from wilting.

Be sure to put cages or stakes around your plants when you first plant them. They won’t need it for a few weeks, but very quickly you will find they are tall enough to need support. Tomatoes need lots of water, also. If you find one of those ugly looking green tomato bugs, pick it off by hand, or use a pair of tongs, and put it in a bottle or the trash.

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