5 Vegan Friendly Cuisines Around The World

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Veganism is massively on the rise the world over with vegan friendly cuisines of all kinds becoming more readily available. From vegan meats, to plant milks and vegan sushi, going vegan is all the rage. But that doesn’t mean that travelling on a vegan diet is easy – it can still be tricky. Having to check endless labels, asking for the ingredients or allergens in a language you don’t understand, the list goes on! But, with these 5 types of world vegan cuisines, you can be sure of the plant-based goodness you so long for while sacrificing none of the taste!


1. Thai

Who doesn’t love Thai cuisine, right?! From spicy to sweet, crunchy to soft, Thai food has it all and it’s quick and easy to prepare and even easier to find whether at home or on your travels due to its huge popularity.

Mainly consisting of fresh herbs and vegetables, Thai food is packed full of exciting flavours and textures and the best bit is, it’s easy to have it vegan. Take for example the most popular Thai dish: The Pad Thai. This baby is rice noodles, beansprouts, peanuts, a range of your favourite veggies topped off with a protein based food. Simply swap this last one from fish or meat to tofu or a meat replacement and you’ve got the perfect vegan friendly dish. Always remember to ask for it without eggs, too!

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2. Moroccan

As with Thailand, Morocco is a gastronomical adventure waiting to be explored and is absolutely bursting with vegan options in its selection of dishes. The most popular one of them all, hummus, is probably up there on every vegan’s top 10 favourite foods…and it is always plant-based!

Packed full of chickpeas, aubergines, lentils and beans, Moroccan and other types of Middle Eastern cuisine are also full of lean protein, meaning creating or finding a healthy, balanced vegan dish from this part is a piece of, well, cake!


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3. Indian

Cows are sacred in India, so thankfully these beautiful creatures are already off the menu. Beyond that much of India prefers a plant-based diet, with certain regions in the South eating almost exclusively vegan dishes.

Indian food is super easy to veganize, just like Thai food. You simply take the sauce as a base (without yogurt or milk) add your favourite spices and some vegan meat or pulses, and you’ve got a delectable meal. Equally if you’re travelling around India you’ll be spoilt for choice at the range of vegetarian and vegan friendly cuisines on the menus, meaning you don’t have to try and ask if everything contains milk or eggs!

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4. Vietnamese

Vietnamese food is delightfully fresh, full of colour and flavour and, a drum-roll please, mostly vegan! As with Thai and many other types of Asian cuisine, the Vietnamese often don’t add milk, eggs, and other animal products to their traditional dishes when cooked fresh, and they can easily be made without meat, too.

A fantastic go-to when travelling through this beautiful country or when visiting a restaurant are summer rolls. Super light but super tasty, they consist of fresh vegetables, coriander and chilli together with rice noodles packed into a rice paper roll. You can also have them with tofu and sweet and sour or chili dipping sauce for an extra kick!


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5. Italian

Oh yes, everyone’s favourite gastronomy: Italian food. This cuisine is well-known the world over for its pizzas and pastas with cheeses and meats, but as with all other types of cuisine, it’s easily veganized! Not only that but many vegan restaurants and food shops are popping up offering plant-based Italian cuisine which sacrifices none of the deliciousness.

The classic margherita pizza can easily be made vegan by simply swapping the cheese for vegan mozzarella, and then customised by adding vegan ‘chick’n’ strips and any kind of veggies you like! Italian pasta dishes, as long as not made with fresh pasta, are also almost always vegan on the base, simply swap out the meat for a substitute or just enjoy a flavoursome tomato sauce which requires nothing added!

Who’d have thought being vegan could be so easy, eh? With the endless options available in almost all of the world’s cuisines, travelling nationally or internationally is much less of an issue on a plant-based diet these days than it ever was before. So, what are you waiting for, get your taste buds ready and see what’s out there!






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  1. Horseman

    Jan 2, 2018 at 12:44 pm

    Get real. Many of these dishes need a broth (especially Pad Thai) and I’ve never tasted a veggie broth worth a damn.