6 Best Whole Body Detox Programs Around

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4. The Juice Cleanse

Similar to the Master Cleanse, this detox program only allows the consumption of vegetable and fruit juices. Some might allow you to eat the raw produce as well, but most programs only allow for juice. This method has long been used to get tons of vitamins and minerals into the body, subtracting all the other crap we generally eat. There are numerous sorts of juice cleanses out there, and while this type of detox can be a great way to get in your vitamins and minerals, many people opt for the sweeter fruit juices, which give them way too much sugar and no fiber. Look for a juice cleanse that has a balance of fruits and vegetables, and allows you to eat some of the produce for fiber intake. That type of cleanse is one of the best all-around detox programs.


5. The Liver Cleanse

Just like our colon, the liver has the vital role of weeding out unwanted toxins and passing them over to the small intestine or the colon for removal. This three-pound organ is responsible for keeping your blood clean and for going over every single thing you eat or drink with a fine toothed comb. Eating certain foods and/or taking certain supplements can help your liver perform better by helping it to remove the buildup of toxins in the body. We hate to say it, but most of the commercially made liver detox supplements do not do a darn thing, and some of them can actually be downright dangerous. A good liver cleanse involves eating plenty of vegetables known to support the liver, such as beets, garlic, and avocados, along with herbs and herbal teas that support a healthy liver, such as milk thistle and St. Mary’s Thistle. Avoid commercial supplements in a bottle.


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6. The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

You have probably been inundated with beautiful pictures of green smoothies all over your Facebook and Instagram pages, as this cleanse has suddenly become the newest trend. Most people will tell you that they drop 15 pounds (or more) by drinking nothing but vegetable smoothies (sometimes with a bit of fruit for sweetness, but there is little emphasis on fruit in this plan) for 10 days. This plan is fully explained in a book by J.J. Smith, but you get the basic idea. Although this plan is a good way to cleanse the body and to get in tons of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals; like the juice cleanse, it lacks fiber and protein. Ten days seems to be extreme in this case, and in fact, many people find that they just can’t complete it. Try it for three days, and if you do well, then try it later on for five days.

Detoxification programs can be super restorative if you choose the right one, and pay attention to common sense. Although most detox programs will leave you feeling a bit weak or give you a headache (usually due to a lack of caffeine!), if you begin to have serious side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, or extreme weakness, go off the cleanse immediately and seek medical attention if you feel it is necessary.



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