7 Exercises You Don’t Have to Do Anymore


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Although it seems like some people really enjoy exercise and look for reasons to head off to the gym, some of us are, well, not so enthusiastic. Still others just don’t have the time to do things that aren’t all that beneficial.

Why spend more time than necessary doing exercises that aren’t going to help you all that much or that can be replaced with other movements that can incorporate two exercises in one? Sounds good to you? Then read on about the 6 exercises you can confidently pass on.


1. The Plank

Unless you are an absolute beginner, you no longer need to do the abdominal plank or the side plank.

This is a good exercise to build core strength but if you can hold a plank comfortably for 60 seconds or more, then you have sufficient stability and strength that you can pass on this one.

Doing more planks at this point won’t improve your body further.  If you want more challenging exercises, there are many variations but don’t waste more time with this one.

donkey kick

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2. The Donkey Kick

Your personal trainer will call it the Butt Blaster or perhaps the Glute Kick but no matter what you call it, you don’t have to do it anymore! This exercise comes from the erroneous notion that you can somehow remove fat from just one location by doing one particular exercise, in this case, the buttocks.

If you really want to improve your rear view, use the step machine.

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Chest Fly Machine

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3. The Chest Fly Machine

While this machine can build chest/pectoral muscles, it’s also dangerous for your shoulders.

Research has shown that having your shoulders in this position, while pulling weights forward, and is a very good way to damage your rotator cuffs.

There are many other free weights and machines that can improve your chest without risking damage to your shoulders.


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4. Conventional Crunches

Crunches, the base of all abdominal exercises, are really not necessary. Avid exercise fans believe that hundreds of crunches will get them those 6 pack abs, sadly though, this isn’t true.

Crunches only work a small portion of your abdominals, not nearly enough to get you’re the results you are looking for, not to mention the terrible strain crunches put on your back and neck!

To get real results, do sit ups on a stability ball.

Woman Doing Bench Press

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5. The Bench Press

Another core exercise that everyone at the gym includes in their routines but is overrated as far as results go.

Many men never consider any other chest exercises thinking that the bench press is the only one they need. Although it does have its benefits, you need other chest exercises that work all the muscles of your chest.

Do more with free weights than the bench press and you will see more results.

Knee Injury

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6. The Seated Knee Extension

or leg extension. This is the one where you sit on a bench and put the weight in front of your leg and extend the lower half of your leg, only from the knee down, straight out at a 90 degree angle. This isn’t a bad exercise so much as a waste of time. Like many of the weight machines at the gym, this exercises only one muscle group.

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You can get the same benefits, plus work additional muscles at the same time, by doing squats and holding dumbbells.

man pulls up on bar

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 7. Hanging Knee Raise

This is a backboard with a set of handles that you hold onto, then lift your knees off the floor and raise them to your chest. The problem with this is that, for most people, it’s too much work with too little benefit.

It’s meant to work your abdominals but the majority of people who use this only end up hurting their lower back.

Do sit ups and other abdominal work outs on stability ball for a good ab workout that won’t hurt your back.

It all comes down to this: Exercise smarter, not harder, or longer than you need to.