MBG 7 Foods That aren’t as Healthy as You Think

Fresh Olives

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Most of the things Americans have been told in the health arena have been completely wrong. We have been told that fat is the bad guy. That it was fat that was the cause of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and anything else that was wrong with us. Unfortunately, most Americans have swallowed this hook, line, and sinker. And we are fatter and sicker than ever, aren’t we?

Here are the top 7 foods that we have been led to believe are good for us, thanks to this misinformation about fat, but that acutally are not.


1. Olive Oil

Although you may have heard a lot of talk about how “heart healthy” olive oil is, and even though tons of research has been done on this, there is still no proof that olive oil has some special power over heart disease.

Here’s another thing you should know, it’s NOT the ancient food that the Greeks and Italians have used. Yes, it’s been used since ancient times, but not as a food, rather, as an oil to anoint the body.

Although pure virgin olive oil is a better choice than other processed vegetable oils, if you truly want some heart healthy oils, use coconut oil, lard, or butter. Save the olive oil for your salad or other foods that are served at room temperature.

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