8 Health Benefits Of Eating Tomatoes

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3. Fight inflammation

When you eat tomatoes, you must try not to peel them as the skins contain kaempferol and quercetin. These two compounds are part of flavonoids which are major antioxidants. The flavonoids have been shown to eliminate inflammation.


4. Provide potassium

Another component that can be found in tomatoes is potassium. The 431 milligrams of potassium that a tomato has represents the 10 percent that you need for your daily requirement. A study showed that 5,000 men were tested and when they took in over 4,000 mg of potassium each day they cut their chances of getting kidney stones by half. Another thing that potassium does is keep you from having a stroke, keeps your blood pressure under control, relaxes your muscles, and eliminates the chances of getting cardiovascular disease.


5. Keep your eyes healthy

It is vitamin A that ensures that your eyes are able to detect light and make sure that this information is sent to the brain. Luckily tomatoes have tons of vitamin A and can help with the health of your eyes. In order to take care of your eyes, you need to have from 700 to 900 mcg of vitamin A each day. It only takes a cup of tomatoes cut up to provide you with 1,499 IU of vitamin A. This will give women 64% of their daily value and 50% for men. Also found in tomatoes are lycopene, zeaxanthin, and lutein which all work together to make sure you don’t get macular degeneration. The zeaxanthin and lutein in tomatoes make sure that rays that could be harmful never reach your eyes and eliminate the chances of getting any eye diseases. While we only need 12 mg of either of these carotenoids, one cup of tomatoes has up to 221 mg

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