10 Things To Do To Stop Hair Loss (And How To Avoid It!)

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Every day we lose about 100 strands of hair. This is a normal process that is considered part of the growth cycle of our hair. Anything more than that is considered excessive and could be a problem. Almost all of your hair is growing all of the time. Your hair growth averages around a half an inch every month. There is about 10 percent of your hair that remains dormant, but after a couple of months it does fall out to make room for new hair. The natural shedding of hair is much different than hair loss. When hair sheds it does grow back; when you are suffering from hair loss it does not grow back.


What can cause hair loss?

There are several reasons you could be experiencing hair loss. Here are a few:

  • Alopecia is a condition that is responsible for hair loss.
  • Extreme hairstyles that may incorporate the use of barrettes, rubber bands or rollers that constantly pull at the hair can cause hair loss.
  • Hair processes such as bleaching, straightening, permanent curling and coloring can severely damage hair and cause hair loss to become a permanent condition.
  • Hormones could be the cause as they change because of pregnancy, birth control pills, childbirth, hysterectomies and menopause.
  • Aging can cause a normal level of hair loss.
  • Poor nutrition has also been credited for hair loss.
  • Chemotherapy has long been recognized for people losing their hair. As it begins to fall out many people shave their head to not have to endure sporadic loss.


Ways to treat hair loss

The Cleveland Clinic offers a number of treatments that can be temporary or slow hair loss with new hope on the horizon.

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