Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Monsanto In Favor Of Organic Foods

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If trends continue the way that they have been, every single farmer who has knuckled under to Monsanto will be kicking themselves when they realize that Americans simply aren’t going to eat their Frankenfoods! Sorry Monsanto and Big Agra, but the organic food industry is booming!

Did you know that much of the organic produce sold in America actually comes from Mexico? Mexico has a strict ban on GM crops and is filled with small farmers who are only too happy to grow organic produce and sell it to the US. We also import a great deal of organic corn from Romania and organic soy from India. Imagine the money we could be keeping right here in the good old USA if farmers would only listen to the American people and give them what they want!

The truth is that organic farming in America does not get the support it deserves. Encouraging farmers to develop fertile soil through crop rotating and by using compost, manure, and clover is one way of producing non-toxic foods. While America is not in a food crisis, per se, we might be if we continue to grow our corn and soy with the main purpose of it being animal feed or cooking oil. We are also going to use GM corn as ethanol. As of this article, there are 5,000 acres of Endogen-brand corn being grown in Kansas. This corn is designed to be used as ethanol while using less water and energy to grow it.

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