Are You Ruining Your Healthy Salad With These 7 Mistakes?

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Anytime someone decides that they are going to try to drop a few pounds, or they want to start eating healthier, the lunch time salad is something everyone turns to. It’s only logical since they are quick and easy to make and are fairly portable. However, one of the most common complaints among those who quit eating salads is that they are boring or they don’t really satisfy. This is generally due to one of 7 common mistakes people make when building their salads.

Does this sound like you? Do you love salads but find that you are starving just an hour or two after eating one? Do you find most salads incredibly boring? You are probably making one or more of the following mistakes. Keep reading and find out how you can fix those salads so they are delicious, satisfying, and can keep you full for hours.

The top 7 salad mistakes:


1. Poor Choice of Dressing

This is perhaps one of the major causes of salad dissatisfaction. Most people grab one of those bottles of low fat dressing from their supermarket shelf and figure that they are making a healthy choice, when the truth is; these dressing are anything but healthy. Also, they don’t taste anywhere near as good as the full fat version so you are much less likely to look forward to that salad if you know the dressing isn’t really tasty.

First off, most commercially made salad dressing are full of high fructose corn syrup, toxic herbicides (like RoundUp), and GMO oils that contain too many omega-6 fatty acids. That low fat dressing is usually loaded with sugar or fructose so that you won’t miss the flavor that fat provides.  Mix up your own salad dressing using a little vinegar (balsamic vinegar works well) and a little oil, such as avocado seed oil, grape seed oil, or olive oil) with some spices of your choice. This type of dressing works well with just about any type of salad. Look online and you will see hundreds of recipes and ideas for salad dressings. One is bound to become your favorite.

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