Are You Ruining Your Healthy Salad With These 7 Mistakes?

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4.  Not Enough Variety of Leafy Greens

Most salads are boring as heck since they usually contain only iceberg or romaine lettuce. The larger the variety of greens that you use, the better the nutrition, and the better the chanced that you will stick with your lunchtime salads.

Spice things up and change them around. If you love romaine, that’s fine, but add additional and new tastes to keep the nutritional value high and the boredom factor low. Try baby spinach, mesclun greens, sprouts, baby kale, mustard greens, or even beet greens.


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5. Not Enough Spices

This is another boredom factor. If you think salads are flavorless then you need to add some spices and seasonings to liven things up. Try adding some rosemary, thyme, chopped roasted garlic and red onions. You can also use spices such as fresh cracked peppercorns, turmeric, Himalayan salt, or a squeeze of lime juice over the greens. Whatever your favorite flavors are, try adding some to your salads to ramp up the flavor!

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