Top 12 Healthiest Foods on the Planet

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Although Mother Nature has provided us with thousands of food choices in this world, the majority of them have at least several nutrients that our bodies need. With all these choices, how can this list be narrowed down? To make things easier, the healthiest foods on the plant should meet the following criteria:

1. Readily Available

What good is it knowing that goji berries are super healthy for you if the only place you can buy them is online? They might well be available in major cities, but in most cases, these berries can be hard to find.

 2.  Familiar

Along with being readily available, the healthiest foods on the planet should be the foods you are familiar with. Most people will not eat foods that appear strange to them.

 3.  Affordable

This list also includes foods that are affordable. Again, what good does it do anyone to have a list of foods that are too expensive for most people to afford on a regular basis?

 4.  Nutrient Dense

This list includes some of the richest sources of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that our bodies need for optimal health. This means you will get all the nutrients you need for excellent health for the least amount of calories.

 5.  Great Tasting

It doesn’t matter how healthy a food might be; if it doesn’t taste good, you and your family won’t eat it. We have tried to include foods that most people find tasty and would be willing to eat several times per week.

Here is our list of the top 12 healthiest foods on the planet that will offer you and your family the most nutritional benefits pound for pound.

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