Top 12 Healthiest Foods on the Planet

Sliced Avocado

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1. Avocados

If you have been leaving avocados out of your diet because you think they are high in fat, you need to start buying more of these tasty beauties. It’s true that avocados are high in fat, but it’s the healthy monounsaturated type of fat, not the kind you find in your average cheeseburger.  Now, these are sometimes a bit on the expensive side, but you don’t have to eat them very day to get the full benefits they have to offer. All you need is one or two per week. If you live in an area where these trees grow, planting an avocado tree would be a great investment. Alternately, you can make friends with someone who has one!

The monounsaturated fats in avocados can actually help you lose weight, if that is your goal. They will help you feel fuller for a longer period of time and are very satisfying. They are full of carotenoids, which support eye health. They also contain folate, which helps to protect you from heart disease. Read more about benefits of avocados.

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