Are You Suffering From Adrenal Burnout? How To Tell And What To Do

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Unfortunately, our bodies cannot tell the difference between a real threat, like that bear, or a mugger, or simply being late with that important report.

When we live under constant stress, that fight or flight response depletes the body of the resources it needs for longer term survival. The adrenal gland becomes depleted and your chronically high cortisol levels, which are bad for you, become chronically low, which is even worse.

In short, this is what causes adrenal burnout.


Symptoms Of Adrenal Burnout

Most people don’t believe that they are under a great deal of stress most days. See if any of the following symptoms apply to you before you dismiss having adrenal burnout:

  • Problems with hormones or libido: Perimenopause symptoms become worse, PMS becomes severe, and libido drops to very low, sometimes non-existent, levels.
  • Blood pressure: Both high and low blood pressure are signs to be aware of.
  • Sleep: Either the inability to fall asleep, staying asleep, or sleeping soundly but waking up still feeling exhausted.
  • Food cravings/weight changes:  Do you sometimes feel uncontrollable urges for sugary or salty foods? Are you gaining weight in the thighs and abdomen?
  • Low immune response: Taking longer than normal  to recover from infections or injuries, becoming sick more often, or developing frequent infections.
  • Energy: You either are always on fast forward, or you have chronic fatigue. A few people feel wired most of the time, but lack the energy to do very much.
  • Thinking: Fuzzy or foggy thoughts, inability to concentrate, and constantly racing from one thought to the other.
  • Emotions: Difficulty or inability to deal with daily stress, feeling overwhelmed and unable to get through the day, having a very short fuse, panic attacks and anxiety attacks over minor problems.

If any of these sounds like you, chances are pretty good that you have adrenal burnout. Now, there are other diseases and health problems that have many of the same symptoms, so this doesn’t mean for sure that you have adrenal burnout. You know your own life and feelings. Is your life full of stress and poor nutrition? Do you rarely take vacations or time to yourself? Are you overwhelmed with responsibilities? Do you feel that these things are the basis for the above symptoms? If you answered yes to most of these, keep reading. We will list some steps you can take to allow your adrenal glands to recover.

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