Best 12 Natural Home Remedies to Relieve Psoriasis


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3. Limit the Booze

Although there isn’t a lot doctors know about psoriasis, they do know one thing; those who are afflicted with psoriasis are often heavy drinkers. Cut your alcohol consumption back to one drink per day for women and two a day for men, or consider quitting the habit altogether.


4. Enjoy the Sun

Sunlight is a tightrope for those with psoriasis. UV light can definitely help but getting a sunburn will make it worse. Getting some safe sun exposure is the best option. Start off with about 20 minutes of sun 3 to 4 days a week to start, and then build up your sun bathing time until you can get 30 to 40 minutes of sunlight almost every day without burning. If you are taking medication, talk to your doctor first as some medications don’t mix well with the sun.


5. Try a Vinegar Dip

Apple cider vinegar is an old home remedy that many people say works well. Even the Psoriasis Foundation states that some people have reported great success using it to treat their condition. Make an apple cider vinegar press by adding 1 cup of the vinegar to a half gallon of water. Soak a washcloth in this mixture and apply it to your skin. This can really help to stop the itching!


6.  Wrap It Up

This is another old home remedy that works well even though no one seems to know why. If you are taking a prescription cream, talk to your doctor first. Most people find that after they shower and apply lotion, they wrap the affected area in plain old plastic wrap right from their kitchen and leave it on overnight. This seems to help stop the process for some unknown reason. OK, so you might look like a kid’s school science project, but if it helps to get rid of the outbreak, who cares?

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7. Olive Oil

If your psoriasis is on your scalp, try warming up a bit of olive oil and massaging it into your scalp. Allow to sit for 15 or 20 minutes and then shampoo as usual. This really helps to soften and remove the scales. You can also try adding 2 tablespoons of olive oil to a large glass of milk, and then add this mixture to your bath. This is another old method that helps to soften the scales and stop the itching.

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