Best Natural Remedies Ever to Help Fight Pneumonia

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3. Mullein Infusion

Mullein grows wild throughout the meadows of Asia, Europe, and North America, so unlike goldenseal, you won’t have any trouble finding this herb. In fact, it is so plentiful that once you are sure you can identify it, you can probably find it just about anywhere, even just growing along the side of the road. This herb has been used traditionally to treat respiratory diseases as it has powerful expectorant compounds, which means this herb is super at relieving chest congestion.

Herbalists are known to recommend this herb for those suffering from pneumonia, asthma, and tuberculosis. Some studies show that mullein will kill viruses in test tubes. Make mullein tea by adding up to 2 teaspoons of dried flowers and leaves to a mug of boiling water. Turn off the flame and allow to steep for about 10 minutes, breathing in the steam as it cools, then drink the tea when it is cool enough to consume. An infusion made with mullein is perhaps the best way to use this herb to fight pneumonia.


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To make an infusion, put one cup of dried mullein flowers and leaves in a mason jar. Fill the jar with boiling water almost to the top. Stir well, and then cover the jar tightly. Allow this mixture to steep overnight. In the morning, strain out the herbs and add two tablespoons of raw organic honey. Drink one to three cups of this infusion each day until your condition improves. Keep this infusion in the refrigerator after opening. It will keep in the refrigerator for about one week.

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