Best Natural Remedies for Relief of Neck Pain

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We’ve all been there; after a long day at the office or working on crafts, or cooking, and cleaning under the supervision of your mother in law, and helping your 3 year old learn to color inside the lines, your neck become stiff and painful. Just turning your head makes you wince with pain. Although you could grab one of those over the counter pain relievers, most of these cause stomach upset and even make your stomach bleed.

There are plenty of other natural ways to deal with neck pain. Yes, telling your mother in law to go home is one of them, but keep reading to find out all the other natural remedies that you can apply to get rid of neck pain once and for all. Your mother in law is probably coming back.


1. Apply a Cool Compress

Make your own compress by wetting a washrag and placing it inside a plastic zip lock baggie. Place it in the freezer for about 30 minutes, remove, and apply it to your neck. Keeping one or two of these compresses in the freezer means that instant pain relief will be minutes away.


2. Try a Warm Compress

If a cold compress doesn’t give you the relief you are looking for, or if the thought of getting chilled doesn’t suit you, try a warm compress. Use a hot water bottle, a warming neck wrap, or a hot towel from the clothes dryer. Heat relaxes sore and stiff muscles and can naturally relieve tension.


3. Lie Down

Sometimes all your neck needs is a rest. Try lying down on the sofa or bed and just relax for 15 or 20 minutes. When you continue to work with a sore neck, it often brings about tension headaches. Giving your neck a break might be all you need to stop the pain.

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4. Get a Massage

Sometimes neck pain just doesn’t seem to go away easily. If this is the case, try getting a massage at your local spa. Although this might not be a home remedy, it is completely natural and very effective. Of course if you are lucky, have your partner give you a nice massage at home using some scented coconut or sweet almond oil.


5. Find Ways to Relax

Some neck pains are caused by stress, either mental or physical. Learning to relax will help release the tension in your neck naturally. Try a hot aromatherapy bath with essential oils such as lavender and sea salts. Meditation and yoga are other good ways of relaxing the body. You might also try simply sitting in a quiet place and sip some chamomile or peppermint tea. Learning to relax is just as important as learning to eat healthy or learning a new exercise routine.


6. Practice Better Posture

One cause of neck pain is poor posture. If you find your neck pain often occurs after sitting behind your desk, looking at the computer, try using a yoga ball instead of a chair to improve your posture and decrease the pressure on your neck. You can often straighten and stretch your neck muscles with exercises. You can even try lying flat on a floor to relieve your neck pain and improve your posture.

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7. Herbal Supplements

Some herbal supplements contain natural pain relieving and sedative compounds that can relax the muscles in the body. Some of the best herbal remedies for pain are passionflower, peppermint, chamomile, and valerian root. Read also about best herbs for dealing with back pain naturally.


8. Apply an Essential Oil

Heating a bit of essential oil and massaging it into your neck can provide almost instant relief from neck pain due to the combination of warming and cooling sensations that essential oils have on the body. Place 3 drops of your favorite essential oil in a tablespoon of a carrier oil such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, or olive oil, then massage it into your neck and shoulders. This works even better if someone else will do the massaging for you!


9. Avoid Situations that Trigger Neck Pain

If you know that you often get neck pain when doing certain activities, try to limit those activities or find ways to do them that offers some support for your neck. Sitting and staring at the computer for long periods of time, lifting heavy objects, or driving, are often triggers for neck pain. If you must use the computer for long periods of time because of your job, try sitting on a yoga ball, or setting a timer to remind you to get up and stretch for 2 minutes for every 30 minutes you work at the computer. You could also try putting a rolled up towel behind your neck when driving or if you have a high backed office chair.


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10. Take a Dive

Many people report that they have much less neck pain when they go swimming on a regular basis. Swimming will lengthen and strengthen the muscles of the neck (and the back, too!). Swimming will reduce inflammation and provide quick pain relief. Most gyms have indoor swimming pools, or check with your local YMCA or the Red Cross for swimming pools that are open year round.

As you can see, (or read as the case may be), there is really no need for over the counter pain relievers. Try one or two until you find the perfect remedy for you.