Best Ways To Unplug From “The Matrix” And Stop Being A Slave To Mainstream Media

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2. Don’t Complain – Take Action

Sometimes, when situations feel hopeless and you are depressed about them, it can be very difficult to actually get up and do something. It is completely useless to sit back and complain, believing yourself to be a victim who has no power to do anything. You have all the power and opportunities that you will ever need. Most people are simply too frightened to take the steps necessary to change their lives. Use your power to take action, rather than simply sitting back and playing the part of the victim.


3. You Are Already Halfway There

Just realizing that something isn’t quite right in your world means that you are halfway there. Once people tend to become more aware of what is going on around them — how mainstream media influences our lives, how television and the Internet uses social pressure to convince you of what you should and should not believe or do — you are already taking huge steps towards living a more fulfilling life.

Some people believe that ignorance is bliss. If they want that for their lives, that’s fine; however, if you want more, that wanting can literally springboard you into something mind-blowing. When you wake up to the truths about the reality of what is “normal,” you are already in the process of unplugging yourself from the matrix. Ignorance might be bliss for some, but we believe that knowledge is power. Empower yourself!


4. Everything Is Serving

There is no denying that terrible tragedies happen in life: Fukushima, the gulf oil spill, the Flint water crisis, or 9/11. However, what if you were to look at these events in a different light? Viewing them negatively is completely understandable, but why not try looking at these things as events that served a greater purpose in the end? For example, the Titanic disaster took thousands of lives, but out of this disaster, new laws were passed requiring all future ships have enough lifeboats for all passengers. How many lives did these new laws save? We can’t know the exact number, of course, but you can bet it was far more lives than were lost in the Titanic. Everything can serve as an opportunity to learn and grow. As someone who is not very famous once said, “No one is completely worthless. They can always serve as a bad example.”

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