Cactus Water Vs. Coconut Water: Everything You Need To Know

Fresh Organic Coconut Water

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Every person who is truly interested in their health knows that sugar and empty calories are not their friends. With so many truly tasty, nutritious drinks on the market today, why anyone would waste their money, calories, and health on sugary sodas or energy drinks is beyond us.

Coconut water has held one of the top spots as the ultimate healthy drink for several years, so if you haven’t seen the newcomer on your store shelves, you soon will. But what is this new drink that threatens coconut water’s position? Cactus water.

You might be smirking right about now, thinking that cactus might have stickers but certainly not water, and you would be partially correct. Remember those old movies where the dying cowboy, lost in the desert, cuts open a cactus and drinks from it, saving his life?  That is just a Hollywood movie, friends.  To be able to drink from a prickly pear cactus, you would need to cook it first to reduce the acid level. Drinking directly from the cactus can make you sick! The cactus water we are talking about is derived from the fruit of the prickly pear, not the actual cactus.

So what is the difference between coconut water and cactus water? Is cactus water worth the extra money? Let’s take a look at the facts so you can decide for yourself and not have to rely on some television guru to tell you which the drink they are getting paid to promote.


Coconut Water

This is certainly the standard drink to which most health-minded people turn. With more public awareness of the negative impact high fructose corn syrup has on our health, coconut water is a great choice for those trying to get off the soda train because of its sweet flavor.

Coconut water is low in sodium and carbs and is a great way to rehydrate the body. If you are trying to cut out diet sodas or lower your sodium intake, coconut water makes perfect sense.

The downside to coconut water is that there are so many different types, it’s hard to sort out which one is good and which isn’t. Finding pure coconut water that hasn’t been heated so that it loses its healthy nutrients; one that isn’t made from concentrate; and one that hasn’t been filled with unwanted added ingredients such as artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners is not an easy task in today’s world.

All said and done, coconut water is still a really healthy choice and a great way to make the break from sodas.

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