Calling All Vegans: We Have a List of 12 Powerful Sources of Protein

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4. Buckwheat

Although the name gives the impression that this is a relative of wheat, but the truth is, buckwheat is related to rhubarb. The Japanese have turned this plant into some strange looking, but tasty noodles they call soba. However, most people simply grind the seeds into flour for some terrific gluten free foods. You can also cook the hulled kernels, which are often called “groats,” and eat it similar to the way you would oatmeal. Besides having 6 grams of protein per 1 cup of cooked kernels, buckwheat will control blood glucose levels and lower cholesterol levels as well as improve circulation.


5. Chia Seeds

With 4 grams of protein in two little tablespoons, it seems a shame to waste them on those little clay animals so they can grow “fur.”  On top of the protein, chia seeds are the highest plant source of omega-3 and have more fiber than nuts or flax seeds. Chia seeds are also loaded with zinc, calcium, iron, and antioxidants. These little seeds are fun as when they are soaked in milk or water; they swell up and make a thick gel that is perfect for puddings, egg replacements, or for thickening up smoothies.


6. Rice and Beans

This is perhaps the cheapest, yet super high protein meals around. Beans are low in methionine but high in lysine. Rice is the opposite. So when you put them together, you are talking about one powerful protein that is almost on the same level as meat. Rice and beans is a super easy meal that can be put together fairly quickly and is the perfect after workout way to replace carbs and protein lost during exercise. One cup of cooked rice and beans will supply your body with 7 grams of protein.

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