Chemo Will Kill You Faster Than No Treatment at All

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Chemotherapy creates the real walking dead. There is nothing that can take away from the fact that the cancer industry is exactly that– an industry, there to make money. Consider how many people make money every time someone with cancer submits to traditional “treatment:” doctors, hospitals, surgeons, pharmaceutical companies, magnetic imaging, and radiation centers all profit from cancer.

If you have had to watch a loved one or friend die from cancer, you have our sympathy, and you are not alone. But we have to face the facts: conventional treatments do not work in most cases. Chemotherapy is more like a death sentence than a “cure.”

A former professor of physiology and medical physics at the University of California at Berkeley, Dr. Hardin B. Jones, has been conducting studies into the lifespans of cancer patients for more than 25 years. He had no choice but to conclude that, despite what doctors might tell you, chemotherapy does not work. Dr. Jones witnessed a huge number of cancer patients, treated with chemotherapy, die terrible deaths, many of them passing away earlier than other cancer patients who chose no treatment at all.

In fact, Dr. Jones discovered that cancer patients who decided to go with chemotherapy died more quickly, most times, than those who got no treatment at all. Dr. Jones states that cancer patients who refuse conventional treatments live an average of 12.5 years, while those who went with chemotherapy lived, on average, only 3 years. In particular, breast cancer patients who refuse all conventional therapies live 4 times longer than those who follow the traditional treatment of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

It’s fairly apparent that the cancer industry doesn’t want the world to know the truth about their multi-billion dollar cash cow.

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It’s rather shocking, isn’t it? Doing nothing resulted in cancer patients living more than four times longer than those who undergo chemotherapy. You will never hear this from the mainstream media. Dr. Jones’s study results were published in the journal Transactions of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Back in 2004, a study was published in the journal Clinical Oncology, which found that chemotherapy is actually only effective in about 2 percent of cancer patients. This was based on the typical 5 year survival rate criteria, which really does not mean a person is “cured,” but health authorities would certainly like you to think so.

In fact, in a separate study, published back in 1979 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, stated that many of the typical procedures for diagnosing and the treatment of breast cancer, almost all of which are still used today, did nothing to lower breast cancer rates, nor did they increase the survival rates for those with breast cancer.

Although chemotherapy is pushed on cancer patients as a means of “curing” their disease, what they are not told is that these chemicals cannot tell the difference between cancerous cells and healthy cells. Chemotherapy is putting just enough poison in your body to try to kill everything inside you but stopping just short of killing you. Outright, anyway. Receiving repeated chemotherapy and radiation treatments kills the body a step at a time.

Chemotherapy hits your immune system particularly hard, and the majority of people never get recovered fully enough to maintain protection from common diseases, which can then lead to death. About 67 percent of people who die during their “treatment” do so because of infections that happen because their immune system failed.

Try to feed your immune system and increase naturally your blood cell count, so that your body’s fighting power strengthens. If you ever wondered how to increase white blood cells and wanted to try to give your body a boost, eat the right foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals.

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Some of the things your doctor won’t tell you are the terrible and extensive side effects from radiation and chemotherapy. Some of the side effects are loss of sex drive, internal bleeding, sensory loss, organ damage or failure, cardiovascular leakage due to artery deterioration, loss of white blood cells, and audio-visual impairment. Actinocycin-D is one common chemotherapy drug, yet it has been linked to a number of side effects from nausea and hair loss to anemia and liver failure.

By the way, there is an amazing admission on a web page which is supported by the US National Cancer Institute. It states that high doses of chemotherapy destroy the bone marrow. This bone marrow will need to be replaced in a treatment later called autologous bone marrow re-infusion. After several years, many patients develop a separate form of cancer as a result of their treatment with chemotherapy and radiation. This means that conventional treatment often causes new cancers to grow.


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Although modern medicine can alleviate many of the painful symptoms that people with cancer experience, but they cannot promise a cure or reverse the disease process. There are plenty of other natural solutions to treat cancer, and these don’t involve doing nothing, although it’s pretty clear that doing anything, even just going on a long vacation, is better than the typical treatment of chemotherapy.